Meta & Google Ads For
Educational Institute

Project Overview

Learning Quran Online is an online Quran academy catering to students globally, with a significant presence in the UK, USA, and Canada. The academy faced challenges with their Google Ads campaigns, experiencing minimal lead generation despite substantial ad spend. Their ad account also encountered policy violations, further hindering their marketing efforts. They were at a position that after spending PKR 120K, their campaign generated only 2 leads for PKR 65000 per lead. That’s too outrageous. We revisited their ad account, fixed the policy violations, created new landing pages, lead magnets and managed to generate 25+ leads with a CPA to just PKR 9000.

The Product / Service

Learning Quran Online offers comprehensive Quran learning services through virtual classrooms, tailored to students seeking flexible and personalized Quran education. Targeting a diverse global audience, the academy provides structured courses taught by experienced tutors.

Identify the Core Problem

The core problem identified was the inefficacy of Google Ads campaigns, resulting in minimal leads and high acquisition costs.

The Goal & The Strategy

The goal was to optimize Google Ads campaigns to generate qualified leads cost-effectively and resolve policy violations to regain ad account health. We performed the following:

Client Details

Learning Quran Online, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Service Provided

Google Ads + Facebook Ads

Project Timeline

Started in September 2023 - on going.